Reflection: Complex Tasks Code and Cups - Section 4: Discussion and Redeisgn


When the tasks get harder it becomes harder to not cheat. In order to try to keep groups honest I have the robots make sure to have their programmers step away from the table and to choose only one if they need clarification for a written symbol or to understand the handwriting used to give a direction. If the students are left around the desks as the robots work they are more tempted to help and offer advise or fix what is happening. 

  Hard to Not Cheat
  Complex Tasks: Hard to Not Cheat
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Code and Cups

Unit 6: Technology and Engineering
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT write and model computer code using stackable cups.

Big Idea: To help students understand the basics of computers and the code that goes into making the cool Apps they all love to play.

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Science, computer science, Technology and Engineering, engineering, computer code
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stack cups
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