Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Day One: Introducing the Importance of Major and Minor Characters in "Medicine Bag" by Virginia Hawk Sneve - Section 3: Independent Practice: Comparing and Contrasting Characters


There are so many ways that teachers can allow students to interact with a text. I choose how my students read by looking at the literary elements found in the text. Because this story hits the elements of symbolism, characterization, and theme, I wanted my students to draw their own conclusions or infer where the answers to these elements are found in the story. For a differentiated stance, teachers can scaffold the reading or chunk how much information students read from the story. Since Martin is a dynamic character, students must read the entire story to see how his character fully develops from beginning to end.

  Using Literary Elements
  Diverse Entry Points: Using Literary Elements
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Day One: Introducing the Importance of Major and Minor Characters in "Medicine Bag" by Virginia Hawk Sneve

Unit 2: Living Without
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how incidents in a text reveal aspects of a character and provoke their decisions.

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