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A new challenge I confronted this year was pushing for urgency throughout a 90 minute math class. The questions included in this particular Do Now were used instead as a Skills Practice for a review section of class, included in the last 25 minutes.  The New Do Now is included within this reflection as well.

A strategy I have found to be useful is to begin with a Do Now everyone can do and includes a skill relevant to the main lesson. We review the answers by diving deeply into the concepts included in the task. For example, this year the New Do Now included questions where students needed to calculate the unit rate for different situations. This Do Now is meant to get students warmed up with an important division skill needed in the main lesson on “the better buy”.

The Review worksheet is used to kick off the “review” section of class. Students complete it independently, given 5 minutes. Within this new document I have also included the class discussion questions I use to dive into concepts in the following 5-7 minutes. I push students’ conceptual understanding of integers along the number line. This initial Review Sheet has the same purpose as the New Do Now: it provides students the opportunity to think about the placement of integers on the number line, thus supporting the review of rational numbers on the Skills Practice

  Checks for Understanding: Re-purposing this Do Now
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Best Buy

Unit 5: Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Lesson 3 of 21

Objective: SWBAT find unit rate and explain its purpose in problem situations.

Big Idea: students work in groups to find the best deal using unit rates

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