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Over the years I have realized that it is really important to try to understand what students know about a topic BEFORE I teach it. 

  • If I do this, then I am able to build on what students already know to help them learn the new information. 
  • Also if students have misconceptions than I can address those in the lesson.

Being able to get at students understandings is tricky.  One way of doing this is through questioning. 

  • The goal of questioning in this case isn't to get the "correct" answer, but rather to simply see what students think. 
  • This is a movie that shows me questioning one class.  
  • Some of the strategies that I use when asking questions include:
    • Can someone tell me what you or your partner thought?
    • Can you tell me more about that?
    • Do other students agree?
    • What have you seen or experienced that makes you think that?
    • Summarize what a student says and pose back to students.
    • Do you know why you think that?
  • Some of the ideas that I was able to get include:
    • smog is important when you have a car, you need to smog a car
    • cars and burning coal cause smog
    • smog occurs more in the cities.
    • factories cause smog.
    • greenhouse gases are part of smog
    • smog is pollution
    • smog is black smoke
    • smog with destroying the ozone layer.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Questioning Students to get at Prior Understandings
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Smog in our Atmosphere

Unit 6: Unit 7: Earth's Atmosphere
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Objective: Student will be able to define smog and discuss its impact on humans as demonstrated through class discussion, watching a video, performing a reading, and answering questions.

Big Idea: Smog is a mixture of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds that combine with sunlight to form ozone. Smog, which develops from behaviors such as burning coal and driving cars, can have a negative impact on human life.

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Science, Chemistry, climate, atmosphere (Science), Smog, Gases, radiation, Gas Laws, boyle's law, Charles' Law
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