Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Gas Laws Lab - Section 4: Evaluate


Over the years I have found that this is one of my students' favorite labs. 

They love being able to do some of the things like spit water at their partners, see the marshmallow get bigger, turn the jar upside down with water, and crush the can. 

However, although my students participate in this lab many of them still do not necessarily understand WHY the phenomenon occur. 

These are complicated ideas, and students tend to want to just "have fun" with the experiments, and do not spend the same energy on thinking about and writing up the lab. 

As students work I walk around and encourage them to think about what is happening and ask questions such as ,"So why do you think the can crushed?" or "why did the water come out of the straw?"

It is evident from their lab write-ups, that even at the end of the lab many students still do not really understand the phenomena.   Although I would love for all of them to understand why all of these occurred this isn't really my overall goal for the lab.  I am happy if students walk away with the overall understanding that pressure comes from air and that differences in pressure help to explain why things happen.

  Having Fun while Learning
  Intrinsic Motivation: Having Fun while Learning
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Gas Laws Lab

Unit 6: Unit 7: Earth's Atmosphere
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Objective: Student will be able to synthesize their knowledge of gases to analyze the behavior of gases through performing eight different activities in a lab.

Big Idea: Gases behave in characteristic manners which can be seen in many different phenomena.

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Science, Chemistry, climate, atmosphere (Science), Gas Laws, Gases, radiation, boyle's law, Charles' Law
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station 8 gas laws lab
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