Reflection: Adjustments to Practice If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: Last Day - Section 3: They Will Give You Their Best


Their books turned out awesome!!  It is so unfortunate that I was without a phone during this and had no way to take their pictures!!  You will just have to trust me that they were fabulous. Like I've said throughout this unit, I've taught this lesson for years.  I'm not sure that I've had the number of high quality books that I got this year with this group.  I think it's due to the time I've taken and the bridges I've built to close gaps.

This is what the Common Core has done for my students and I.  It has given us the time to delve into topics and concepts and actually learn them.  No more skimming over things for us!! The transition to CCSS hasn't been easy.  My district is still struggling to implement curriculum and PD to get teachers comfortable with it, but for my students it has been a lifesaver.   I couldn't be happier and I know I've never done better teaching!!

  Reflection: They Gave Their Best
  Adjustments to Practice: Reflection: They Gave Their Best
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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: Last Day

Unit 5: Putting Together the Pieces - The Puzzle of Cause and Effect Relationships
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT evaluate their own and others' pieces of writing to produce coherent, high quality final copies of their own cause and effect stories.

Big Idea: Being able to create a story with cause and effect text structure demonstrates a good understanding of cause and effect relationships.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), cause and effect, mentor text
  60 minutes
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