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Expecting everyone to participate in class is easier said than done. However, the only way that all students can access science standards is to expect and support complete inclusion and participation. This doesn't mean every student has every answer or participates perfectly, but this idea does suggest that all students need to be held accountable to high expectations for supported participation at their level. This strategy is often called "No Opt Out" and has been written about extensively in the Teach Like a Champion book by Greg Lemov. For more on the "No Opt Out" technique and implementation strategies, read on: Teach Like a Champion Field Guide.

  Expecting Everyone to Participate
  Discourse and Questioning: Expecting Everyone to Participate
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States of Matter Simulation Investigation

Unit 6: Properties of Matter
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT describe the arrangement, motion, and energy of the particles in each state of matter.

Big Idea: How do particles behave in different states of matter? Answer this question using an online simulation!

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