Reflection: Joy Evaporation (Liquid to a Gas) - Section 3: Carrying Out Investigations and Collecting Data


Science should be fun and students should have a voice.  In the past, I may have hesitated to allow students to try various alternatives to the "expected" investigation.  As a result, the joy and wonder of performing science was thwarted by my top-down, "do as I say" form of investigating.  

That's not teaching--it's directing.  Our students aren't to be treated in this way.  As a result, in this lesson--and others--I have begun allowing students to investigate how they want to (within reason, of course).  Sometimes unintentional outcomes develop, as was the case with putting the bags on top of the wet paper towels.  This phenomenon of the water not evaporating allowed students to see the importance for the gases to have a place to escape towards, especially as the water began to dry on the edges of the wet towel that were exposed to the air.  

Kids want to have a voice and know that their ideas matter, so provide the necessary support for them to be successful and get out of their way!  They will always surprise you with their creativity.

  The Joy of Investigating
  Joy: The Joy of Investigating
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Evaporation (Liquid to a Gas)

Unit 7: Molecules
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT: Predict, investigate and explain how water evaporates

Big Idea: Students will be able to investigate what causes water to disappear.

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Science, evaporation
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