Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Going Deeper with the Cell Cycle: Mitosis Lab - Section 4: The Classroom Flow: Working with the Mitosis Onion Root Tip Slides


Using cell phone photos is a new strategy we have been using this year for microscope work and it has helped to encourage engagement and improved collaboration skills between lab partners.  Although we always want our students working together, only one eyeball can look through the lens at a time!  Using the photos allows students to view cells together, to point out their observations and ask for clarification as they reach consensus of phase names for individual cells.  

In addition, using the student-created micrographs has allowed our teacher-student conversations to be more directed and helpful as well.  When we use these hand held devices, all of use can be sure that we are talking about the same thing because it is obvious that we are looking at the same point of interest from the field of view. 

Because of our unexpected/unintended success with this type of activity, I am currently thinking about ways to embed student micrograph experiences more deeply into our microscope lessons.  As always, I am wondering about the ways that I could translate them into a pre-writing activity or some sort of writing prompt.  I'd love to hear your ideas as well!

  Using Cell Phone Photographs for Instructional Support
  Adjustments to Practice: Using Cell Phone Photographs for Instructional Support
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Going Deeper with the Cell Cycle: Mitosis Lab

Unit 6: Unit 6: The Cellular Basis of Inheritance: Mitosis & Meiosis
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Objective: SWBAT use their microscope skills to identify the phases of mitosis using onion root tip slides.

Big Idea: Get students engaged in identifying the phases of mitosis through the use of microscope slides and mitosis photographs!

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Science, mitosis, Cells and Cellular Processes, cell cycle, cell division, Chromosomes, Life Science/Biology, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, daughter cells, spindle, interphase, mitosis and meiosis
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