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One part of the culture of my classroom is the value of small group discussion. I often have students tell me how much they like coming to science as it is the only class where they sit at tables and work in small groups every day of the week. To build a classroom community where productive learning can take place within these groups and not be derailed by off-task behavior, I build in frequent weekly tasks that are aimed at the small group interactions, specifically dialog on science phenomena. In that regard, I make very conscience choices when making table groups and strive for a balance of learners that will make for a positive mini-community with my class. If arranged accordingly, the outcomes are positive and productive. 

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Understanding Tide Gauge Data

Unit 4: Understanding Our Changing Climate: Impact on Oceans
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT plot and compare tide data for two locations and analyze the data for patterns.

Big Idea: Students compare tide data from Florida and Massachusetts to determine the greater threat of sea level rise.

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Science, acid rain, Climate Change, ocean, Carbon, tides, Sea level rise, map
  75 minutes
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