Reflection: High Expectations What are Fossil Fuels? - Section 5: Evaluate


Many students are attuned to the news and other sources of environmental education. They have been trained to think that fossil fuels are a "bad" thing. I've had many students ask me, "Why can't we just stop drilling for oil?"

In the summary, I'm asking students to write the opposite of what they have been trained to think. I tell them I'm not trying to change their minds. I explain how it is important to understand the reasons why we still use fossil fuels in spite of the problems. 

  Environmental Education
  High Expectations: Environmental Education
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What are Fossil Fuels?

Unit 5: Exploring Non-Renewable Energy Sources
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Objective: SWBAT explain how fossil fuels were formed and how they impact climate change.

Big Idea: What's the big deal with fossil fuels? What are they and why are they so important? This lesson introduces students to the role of fossil fuels in creating new technologies.

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