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The use of drama strategies are new to my classroom and I am already finding it hard to imagine how I taught without them!  The benefits to students in each role are very different and when they get the opportunity to experience both roles within our activity structure, they double their value for students both in terms of content goals and 'soft skills' such as active listening, public speaking, and writing, both formative and summative.

Now that I have been experimenting with the basic role playing idea, I am seeing some ways that I can deepen student learning by incorporating more substantive writing work after the activity is over.  In this activity, students wrote out reporter questions and character monologues to prep for the activity and then created scripts based off of their favorite character/reporter interaction after the lesson was over.  However, I feel that I missed an opportunity to go back to the science content directly.  In my next iteration of this lesson, I will also ask students to create a conclusion statement/paragraph about the DNA discovery process.  I can see myself taking one of two directions with this additional piece:  I could create prompts focusing on engineering design and the ways in which scientists work or I could focus on the specific sequence of discoveries and events related to this story.  Alternatively, I could randomly assign one or the other to students or they could choose which one they wanted to address in a more formal writing assignment.

I'd love to hear your ideas about how to make this type of activity even more meaningful for kids!

  High Leverage Drama Strategies
  Adjustments to Practice: High Leverage Drama Strategies
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Missing Voices: Rosalin Franklin and the Discovery of DNA (Day 2 of 2)

Unit 7: Unit 7: DNA & Protein Synthesis
Lesson 6 of 22

Objective: SWBAT explain the discovery of DNA and the role of scientists such as Rosalin Franklin

Big Idea: Use an intriguing historical dilemma and drama techniques to get your students talking about and relating to the discovery of DNA's structure!

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