Reflection: Rigor Gay Lussac and Combined Gas Laws - Section 4: Elaborate Part II


As students are working with their partners it is important to give them space to try to figure out the answers to the questions; however, it is also important to help students out when they struggle. 

  • This Movie shows how I do this with one group. 
  • These two girls are working on the question and helping each other out. 
  • When they get to the point and are not sure how to solve for the variable, I then jump in and help them figure out that they need to cross multiply to solve for the answer.  
  • After I help them with that one part of the problem they are then able to complete the question between the two of them without any more help on my end.

  Rigor: Helping Students During Partner Practice
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Gay Lussac and Combined Gas Laws

Unit 6: Unit 7: Earth's Atmosphere
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to describe the relationships between variables and solve problems using Gay Lussac's and The Combined Gas Laws as demonstrated through notes, making a foldable, and performing partner practice questions.

Big Idea: Gay Lussac's Law describes the relationship between temperature and pressure while The Combined Gas Law describes the relationship between temperature, pressure, and volume.

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Science, Chemistry, climate, atmosphere (Science), Gas Laws, Gay Lussac's Law, The Combined Gas Law, boyle's law, Charles' Law, Gases, radiation
  90 minutes
partner practice
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