Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Sweet! Using Soda to Explore Density - Section 3: Investigation and Discussion Part 2


For this investigation, the students were given the opportunity to test can of soda to see whether they would sink or float.  The students were then given the opportunity to apply this knowledge to another part of the investigation.

I was impressed with the students' application of knowledge in this investigation.  They knew that there was a reason why the diet soda floated when the sugared what did not.  They required just a small amount of coaching to make the connection between the sugar in the soda and its density.  Building this understanding was important, but what was more important is what I challenged them to do with this knowledge.  They needed to apply what they knew about the sugared and diet sodas to another can of soda.  All of the students understood what was being asked of them and all of the students correctly predicted that the sugared pop would sink.  They made the link!!  Yea!!

An important part of science instruction is to help students make connections between what they have learned and new situations and scenarios.  I don't believe I did a good job of helping my students make these connections in the past, now I am looking for these opportunities.  I have watched this amazing transformation with my students happen.  I see them thinking and applying what they have learned.  I believe that these skills will pour out into all academic areas. 

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Application of Knowledge
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Sweet! Using Soda to Explore Density

Unit 6: Sink or Swim
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: Students will further their understanding of density and buoyancy by completing an investigation.

Big Idea: Students are quickly drawn into this fun experiment comparing the difference between buoyancy and different types of soda.

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