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One of the features of the unit on weather is that it's often possible for students to use their real-world experience to visualize concepts. All of them have seen rain, snow, and sleet. All of them have felt the wind blow and see clouds roll across the sky. However, in the context of a lot of the weather phenomena - cloud formation, jet stream, and pressure systems, for example - it's difficult for them to visualize conceptually. It's often good, if not even necessary, to use videos to provide real-world illustrations for students to utilize as part of building their mental schemas and frameworks for how many of these processes work. To see some of these things in action is important, and borderline essential for their learning. They can be marvelous tools for your classroom!

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Unit 5: Meteorology
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Objective: SWBAT identify the function of an anemometer and wind vane SWBAT analyze the relationship between the formation of wind as a pressure gradient and the uneven heating of the Earth’s surface

Big Idea: In this lesson, students first identify the instrumentation used to measure wind speed and direction, and then analyze what wind really is - a derivative of air pressure normalization on Earth's surface

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