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Having substitutes is a necessary part of teaching, but can be frustrating, especially for new teachers. 

  • I have found over the years that it is important to set your sub and students up for success by having an easy to follow plan with activities for students to do that do not require much teacher expertise. 
  • For this lesson I had a substitute for one of the two days of my block schedule and found that for my classes with the substitute that they did well with the computer activity, but some of them did not do a proper job with their graph.
  • Because I was not their to help review how to properly graph, or check students' work, I received some interesting work. 
  • Here are several examples:
    • Student #1: For this first student notice how he does a bar graph, mixed up the title on the first graph and has not title on the second graph.
    • Student #2: For the second student he also did a bar graph, had not labels or titles on the graph, and had incorrect answers to the questions
    • Student #3: For this third example it looks pretty (except for the missing title on teh second graph), but she does not do equal increments for the axis on her first graph but rather just puts the data values as the axis increments.
  • Because of this graphing, I know that the next time I have them graph in my class that I will make sure to review the rules for graphing with the two classes that had the substitute.

  Lesson Planning: Substitutes
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Exploring Gas Behavior

Unit 6: Unit 7: Earth's Atmosphere
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Objective: Student will be able to justify which factors affect pressure through performing a computer activity and be able to visualize the relationship between pressure, volume, and temperature through graphing.

Big Idea: Gases have certain temperature, number of moles, volume, and pressure which are all related variables. When one of these variables change, there is a characteristic effect on the other variables.

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Science, Chemistry, climate, atmosphere (Science), Gas Laws, boyle's law, Gases, radiation, Charles' Law
  80 minutes
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