Reflection: Lesson Planning Completing the Puzzle: Finding Cause and Effect in Nonfiction Text - Section 2: The Last Few Pieces: Independent Work


I should have had students plan this out before they did it.  I should have worked in a structure the FIRST time we did it for the students to check each other's work.  I brought these home to look at and had to go back to school and have students redo them.  There was just a few kiddos in each of my two sections whose work was acceptable- not even stellar- just acceptable.  

The next day, I put every pair of puzzle pieces under the ELMO and analyzed them with the students.  We found the effect sentence in the book and used our signal words to check if the cause was correct.  Most times it wasn't.  Most times the students were just writing sentences that were close together, not the cause and the effect.  Other times they were writing too much on the pieces- giving both the cause and effect together on one piece.  They were a mess!!

After the analysis, I handed out new puzzle pieces to students and that's when my student had the brilliant idea of doing a mix pair share (Kagan and Kagan, 2009).  I had them do the assignment again and I heard a lot of , "Ooohhhh!!!!!  That's what that means!!" and "This is easy!!"  They asked many more questions of me and of their classmates and when we shared the second day someone said, "Hey, we did a lot better!"  

Yes, you did, kiddos- and so did I!!  Thank you for reminding me.... plan plan plan!!!!!

  Reflection: Begin With The End In Mind
  Lesson Planning: Reflection: Begin With The End In Mind
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Completing the Puzzle: Finding Cause and Effect in Nonfiction Text

Unit 5: Putting Together the Pieces - The Puzzle of Cause and Effect Relationships
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify cause and effect relationships in a nonfiction text.

Big Idea: Identifying the specific cause and effect relationships in a text will aid students' comprehension for all text that uses the cause and effect structure.

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