Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Exploring IMFs via Physical Properties - Section 1: Background


The viscosity lab portion doesn't go as well as I'd like.  The current version of the lab also has some adhesion effects between the white board and the liquids.  Coupled with inconsistent drop sizes, this effects the lab results and muddles the conclusion students should be reaching about the strength of the intermolecular forces.

I am redesigning the activity for next year to use a set of Poor Man's Buret's from Flinn Scientific.  The current version gives students a general sense of viscosity, but I think the redesign of timing 5 mL of liquid to pour through the buret will be more accurate and provide better lab results.

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Exploring IMFs via Physical Properties

Unit 3: Intermolecular Forces
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT deduce the relative strengths of intermolecular forces in four liquids from their bulk properties.

Big Idea: Surface tension and viscosity provide measurable evidence of the strength of a substance's intermolecular forces.

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