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In this section of the lesson, I ask students to create a shared definition based on the work of their classmates. This requires students to synthesize information; a skill which is very difficult for fourth graders. To help students create a shared definition, I use a few synthesis strategies. First, I ask students to highlight any words that they see in multiple definitions. I do this by providing a large marker to one student who marks the sentence strips created by the class. I also ask students to look for partial definitions that they could combine. I provide a student with masking tape to physically tape together the sentence strips containing partial definitions. By use multiple senses and physical activity, I try to make the process of synthesizing information from multiple sources a simple one for students.

  Synthesizing Information
  Complex Tasks: Synthesizing Information
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Types of Dams

Unit 9: Dams and Hydroelectricity
Lesson 1 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify the features of four main types of dams. SWBAT identify the purpose of dams.

Big Idea: Arch, buttress, embankment, and gravity dams impede the flow of rivers to help humans meet their needs.

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