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Creating an exit card was a great idea for this lesson. I was able to get a sense of how comfortable my students were with sharing their ideas and questioning their peers. I was concerned that students may have been uncomfortable sharing, or even uncomfortable being questioned, but based on the feedback, the students really liked having the opportunity to have this discourse with their peers. It seems as though the students felt inspired by the other students' ideas, and the strategy really encouraged them to think deeper.

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Good and Poor Conductors of Heat

Unit 9: Conductors and Insulators
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to identify objects that are good and poor conductors of heat.

Big Idea: Students will test the heat conduction of different materials in the classroom such as a metal spoon, a plastic spoon, and a tongue depressor.

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Science, Physical Science, Technology and Engineering, conductors, insulators, conductor
  46 minutes
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