Reflection: High Expectations 5 Little Pumpkins Introduction to Addition - Section 1: Attention Grabber/Introduction


It was our first day back from a week of vacation.  Some kiddos who didn't attend our intersession review classes the week before vacation had 2 WEEKS off of school!  That's 2 weeks of staying up late, sleeping in, watching a lot of TV...  Now, not every student, every day, but some of my little buddies were definitely on "vacation time" for awhile.  

Waking up in the morning to come back to school was challenging enough for some of these little guys--telling them as they're yawning and tired after lunch recess, (not yet back in school mode), that they're going to be doing ADDITION could be seriously counter-productive.

So I started with a fun song/finger play.  And a can't-do-wrong drawing. And fun moving pumpkins around.  And THEN I let them discover, "Oh yeah!  In all that fun, we were doing ADDITION!"  Serious "big kid" stuff!

It sounds terrible, but I know my little buddies well enough that if I were to say, "Tired kids who are really wishing you could just take a NAP right now, I'm going to have you do ADDITION," they would have looked at me like I was crazy.  I knew they would not believe they could do addition until they actually DID addition, and that was my dastardly plan.  I tricked 'em.  Yes, I did, and I would do it again!

Sometimes, to accomplish an objective, you have to consider things that are totally beyond the curriculum to be able to accomplish curricular objectives!

  Why not state the objective at the beginning?
  High Expectations: Why not state the objective at the beginning?
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5 Little Pumpkins Introduction to Addition

Unit 2: Addition to 5
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT move groups of pumpkins to show and solve addition problems. (Options for other seasonal "5 Little" finger plays are included in the lesson.)

Big Idea: The classic finger play, "5 Little Pumpkins" is the springboard for this seasonal, fun introduction to addition. (Other "5 Little" finger plays can be used as well!)

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