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Using technology in my class is a tool I use deliberately in order for students to gain content knowledge. While many textbooks may have useful and pertinent information about electromagnetic waves, I have found that often technology is way my students are more engaged with the content. Learning about electromagnetic waves can be quite difficult for fourth grade students simply because they can not see electromagnetic waves. Learning about such an abstract concept has many challenges, however, computers have helped my students when presented with such difficult concepts. 

I originally planned to collect student papers and informally assess students based off of the worksheet. I then changed my mind during the activity. Why I didn't use this as a science grade

I noticed that for many students, this task was much more a reading comprehension task, rather than a science task. I did discover that many of my students need support and guidance when finding facts, and evidence within a text.   For this reason, I decided not to collect the work and use it as a science informal assessment.  In order for students to grasp the concept of electromagnetic waves, I needed to help clear up misunderstanding and remind students about their computer reading during our class discussion. 

  Gradual Release: Using Technology to Make Sense of New Information
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Layers of the Earth Computer Learning

Unit 4: Earth Changes
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Objective: SWBAT identify identify the layers of the earth.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students work in partners and use a computer to gather information about the layers of the earth.

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