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There was a time that students came to 5th Grade and they didn't need to be taught to read, they simply had to read to learn.  Well, at least a large chunk of them.  That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.  For quite some time now, content area teachers have discovered that they are teachers of reading, just as they are teachers of content.  The reality is, if students can't read the text about the content - then they are going to have a difficult time learning it.  

There is a significant amount of research that correlates reading fluency with comprehension.  Disfluent readers often lag in comprehension, and in my classroom that is all too true.  One of the big advantages of using these Science Social Scenarios in my classroom, has been the opportunity it gives me to listen to my students read.  I can focus in on students who are not attending to punctuation and provide a quick intervention.  I can work with students who have difficulty decoding multi-syllabic words, and assist them in doing so within a meaningful context.  I can work with students who read with little expression or phrasing, and have ample models to support my instruction.  

It's quite rewarding when the light bulb goes on and a student says to their peer, "Wow! You made it sound like Plaid Pete was really talking."  They start to praise each others' performances, and pretty soon -reading for comprehension becomes very important to them.  Not only do I have continuous assessment - but I am also seeing continuous improvement!

  The Comprehension & Fluency Connection
  Continuous Assessment: The Comprehension & Fluency Connection
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Plaid Pete Knows His Resources, Naturally!

Unit 3: Plaid Pete Engineers A Solution
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Objective: SWBAT identify renewable and non-renewable natural resources within their community.

Big Idea: What is a natural resource? What makes a natural resource renewable or non-renewable? Students use maps of natural resources within their communities to explore these questions.

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