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It may seem like there was not a lot of science in this lesson. The students were not exploring a standard, nor were they learning any new and fascinating fact about a cool animal. What they were doing was learning to explore the tools of science.

Often times, we skip this step and try to make the tool usable during a content lesson. If your students have not had time to learn how to use the tools, and how to deal with the variables, they will not become precise scientists. Nor will they be able to create appropriate investigations. 

This lesson was about learning the tool, understanding what happens to data when the variables are changed and the units are not standard. Even though there wasn't much "science" in the traditional sense, the kids were highly engaged and excited about "being" scientists. 

  Is This Science?
  Relevance: Is This Science?
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It is the Standard

Unit 7: Matter
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to weigh 3 objects using standard units.

Big Idea: Students measured objects in non-standard units in a previous lesson and were surprised by various results. This lesson will help them identify the importance of precision in their investigations.

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