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This year, I have a student who has a disorder that causes her to make sniffling sounds several times a minute. The tic isn't a problem during a regular class hour because the room is often noisy enough that it isn't noticeable. During a testing session however, it's much more obvious since the room is so quiet. 

The student does have the ability to use a testing center as part of her IEP, which would allow her to take tests in a location outside of the classroom. However, the student prefers to remain in the classroom and take the test with the rest of her peers. Some students have voiced (to our guidance department) their frustrations with her choice to stay in the room, as they find it a distraction. 

The end result is that the student continues to take her tests in the classroom with her peers. The decision was made without my input, and the frustrated students had no choice but to endure her noises. I was lucky that this situation was discussed in a prior year, so when the issue came up again this year (in several classes, not just physics) it was handled efficiently and with clarity. 

  Refusal of Accommodations
  Students with Disabilities: Refusal of Accommodations
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Rotational Motion Test

Unit 6: Rotational Motion - Part I
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students will demonstrate an understanding of rotational motion.

Big Idea: Students show how much they've learned when taking today's unit test on angular kinematics, centripetal force, universal gravitation, and Kepler's Laws.

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Science, planetary motion, Circular Motion, Physical Science, Motion, Gravitational Force, satellites, AP Physics, Centripetal Acceleration, centripetal force, Rotational Kinetic Energy
  50 minutes
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