Reflection: Routines and Procedures Enzyme Function: Exploring the Concept of Denaturation with Pineapples (Day 1 of 2) - Section 2: The Classroom Flow: Lab Set Up and Preparation


I make a point to check in about safety at the beginning of every lab session.  We review the two major safety issues in every science class (liquids and glass) and how to prevent them.  Our basic rules:

1.  Clear space around each lab table so that students can move easily from one area of the room to another.

2.  All backpacks must be under or on a desk, not in the aisle.

3.  All spills must be cleaned up before leaving the classroom.  If a spill is present on a lab desk as you walk up to it at the start of the class session, ask the teacher to come over so that she can determine the best way to deal with the unknown liquid.

4.  Any glass breakage must be reported to the teacher right away.  Allow the teacher to deal with glass clean up.

I find that our attention to safety each week allows for an accident free classroom with little to no glass breakage over the course of the year.  The room is calmer and I find myself freer to listen, observe, and support students academically rather than run around trying to prevent accidents or clean them up.  I also find my administrators notice this room energy as well.  Because I can trust my students as partners in a safe room, I can give them more freedom to explore interesting questions without worrying about whether or not basic clean up and safety protocols will be followed.  Go team!  
I'd love to hear how you infuse and support safety in your science classroom each day! 

  Safety First!
  Routines and Procedures: Safety First!
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Enzyme Function: Exploring the Concept of Denaturation with Pineapples (Day 1 of 2)

Unit 4: Unit 4: Molecules of Life: Organic Chemistry
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to collect and analyze data in this classic enzyme denaturation experiment.

Big Idea: Get your students thinking about enzyme function and all the ways it can be affected in this classic pineapple lab!

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Science, Organic and Biochemistry, enzymes, Life Science/Biology, denaturation, molecule
  50 minutes
enzyme lab set up canned and frozen
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