Reflection: ELL Students Predicting Patricia's Height - Section 4: Closure: 3-2-1 Exit Pass


In my present school all ELL learner's first language is Spanish. When I hand out this Exit Slip, I sometimes have to translate parts of the instructions. My main objective at this point is to get the closure information from students in the time remaining. ELL students quickly learn what to do with 3-2-1 slips or other routine tasks. 

However, I ALWAYS do a quick "read" as I collect these slips from ELL learners, to check for understanding on my part. If I don't understand what was written, I take a few seconds to check with the student and make sure he/she make necessary adjustments. My experience is that these students greatly appreciate this quick gesture and it really gives me important feedback on their grasp of lesson content. So when I hand out these exit passes, I walk around addressing ELL learner needs while the rest of the class is busy completing their exit slips. 


  ELL students and written exit passes
  ELL Students: ELL students and written exit passes
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Predicting Patricia's Height

Unit 11: Bivariate Data
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use a best fit line and its slope to make predictions

Big Idea: How tall will the class basketball star be in two years? Students find out using scatterplots and best fit lines, by hand and with calculators.

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Math, best fit line, slope (Linear Equations), bivariate data, modeling, prediction, scatter plots, linear equations (graphs)
  50 minutes
the growth of girl
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