Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Lemons and Limes! More Exploration with Density - Section 3: Investigation and Discussion-Part 2


In this lesson, the students needed to take what they learned about the density of oranges and apply it to the density of lemons and limes.  Their learning in the previous investigation was foundation for the predictions made in this investigation.

The students did a great job applying what learned from the orange investigation to the lemon.  There predictions and reasoning were extremely accurate.  It was fun to see a curve ball thrown at them with the lime.  What happened was a case of over generalization.  Since it worked this way twice, it will continue to work this way.  This event was a good reminder how we can apply prior knowledge, but we must also examine the evidence in front of us closely.  It was the two students who really looked at the lime critically that made accurate predictions.  They noted it was heavier and that the skin seemed different.

I think a great extension on this lesson would be to take their learning even further. Could they accurate make predictions now with a grapefruit and a kiwi?  Would they look critically at each one and apply what they know?  It would be fun to find out...I think we just might try it!

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Lemons and Limes! More Exploration with Density

Unit 6: Sink or Swim
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to describe basic properties of density by participating in an investigation.

Big Idea: So how do lemons and limes compare to oranges when it comes to buoyancy? Your students might be surprised!

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