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Using the strategy "Think and Link" worked very well.  Two student groups were combined to make one group.  Thus they were able to share exclusive information with the other team.  The children loved the idea of sharing with others.  It gave them a feeling of empowerment that they had knowledge that needed to be shared with others.  

It was interesting to see how differently each new team handled the task.  Some teams went round the table and had each team member give an answer.  Other teams seem to have one person that took the position of the leader and asked questions of the others, such as "What did you write under the heading of saltwater?" Then the team members would state their answer.  I think the beauty of this is that the children are learning to be more responsible for their own learning and can chose to do that in a way that is appropriate for them.  

I also was very pleased to see that my students worked very well in these larger teams.  This shows huge growth from the beginning of the year when some of my students were struggling to even be in a partner group.

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Where is Water Found on Earth?

Unit 6: Water and Landforms
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Objective: SWBAT collaborate as a team to locate forms of water on Earth.

Big Idea: Water on Earth comes in many different forms. We can use QR codes to help us research and learn about them.

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