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I’m gong through a funny time at home with my two teenagers. We’re knee deep in college searches. During these searches, I’m helping them filter through things they need vs. those they want. What’s left are schools that are “safety”, “target”, and “reach”. Essentially, the process encourages the students to take chances with their college choice. As I design more units, I realize one thing. Each unit has lessons that cover the same categories, much for the same reasons.  If I had to put a label on it, I’d call this lesson a ‘reach’. It contains material that was a stretch for some. The inspiration for it came from that little horticulture book. I studied that book for a few hours just because I thought it was so interesting to think of certain habitats supporting specific varieties of trees. This material did not stick with every student. I wondered about that as I designed the lesson. Then I realized that sometimes, supporting a general curiosity is as important as the specific instruction. I had to challenge myself and them to let go a little bit of the specific Science material and embrace teaching curiosity. I’m sure that many of my students will be able to explain why a palm tree grows better in sand. If all my students can look at any tree and wonder more about the reasons it survives in that habitat, then my lesson is a success in an entirely different way.


  Challenging Lessons Are Their Own Instruction
  Rigor: Challenging Lessons Are Their Own Instruction
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Tree-riffic-Tree Travels!

Unit 9: Tree-riffic!
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Students will create a diagram to identify the correct location for trees to survive.

Big Idea: How does a tree’s location make a difference?

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