Reflection: Performance Tasks Off to the Races-Applying What We Know About Movement - Section 3: The Race


For this lesson, I wanted to have the students engage in a performance task to get a measure of their understanding of design and engineering practices.  I left things very open for the students, giving them a framework, but allowing them freedom to take off and "solve the problem". 

This would not have been successful if the students had not been engaged in so many investigations prior to this task.  They had multiple opportunities to figure out "how" to complete this task through a gradual release model.  The students started with very simple investigations and the complexity grew with each investigation that we completed.  The students were also armed with knowledge that they were able to apply to this assessment task.

I relied solely on observations to assess my students' learning without the guidance of rubrics.  This was probably okay, since the standards at the kindergarten level often cite that tasks can be completed with  "guidance and support".  In the future, I would like to develop a rubric to use with this lesson to assess the students mastery of the process.

  Assessing Our Learning
  Performance Tasks: Assessing Our Learning
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Off to the Races-Applying What We Know About Movement

Unit 4: Fast or Slow
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to alter a toy vehicle to reflect knowledge of movement and speed.

Big Idea: The students have been fun exploring movement and speed. Now it's time for them to have fun applying this knowledge in a friendly race.

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Science, Science Skills, speed (Motion), prediction, engineering, inquiry, movement, weight, force
  45 minutes
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