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I have found that the small group instruction in this lesson is vital to ensuring that all students understand that there is more to Punnett squares than just filling in boxes.  This time is also helpful for catching up students who were absent for the previous lesson.  There are various methods for structuring and using small group instruction in the science classroom.  During small group instruction the teacher is able to model thinking, conference with students and utilize mini-lessons while the students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning, self-evaluate, and collaborate with classmates.

Here is a sample scenario of a workshop session in which small group instruction can occur:

Generic Workshop Schedule (single, 50 minutes, any subject):

  1. Mini-lesson (5-15 min): teacher demonstrates an element of type of work students will pursue during the session.

  2. Status-of-the-Class Conference (5 min): each student announces his/her choice of work for the session (can include approved alternatives)

  3. Work Time/Conferences (20-30 min):

    1. Students: work on their plan of action (experimenting, researching, reading, writing, talking, conducting interviews, using manipulatives)

    2. Teacher: I). Models her own way of ‘doing’ the work, II). Classroom management/overseeing, III). Conducting individual/small-group conferences

  4. Sharing (10 min): students discuss/present their work or the teacher can offer a mini-lesson based on her observation of how the class went. 

  Small group instruction
  Intervention and Extension: Small group instruction
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More Punnett Square Practice

Unit 4: Genetics
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: SWBAT complete Punnett squares and determine probability.

Big Idea: Punnett squares are a topic that some students understand very quickly, while others need extra practice. Use this differentiated approach to challenge all of your students to stretch their Punnett square use.

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