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When planning this lesson, I wanted to have the children use websites to gather their information on water forms exclusively.  However, I found that finding appropriate websites for second grade students was very difficult.  I thought I had found websites that would work for second grade students.

However, when I implemented the lesson, I found that a few of the websites were a little bit over their heads, or, as a student put it, didn't have enough photos and too much reading.  So I ended the lesson a bit early, and tabled it for Monday.

Then over the weekend, I did two things to help alleviate this problem.  First, I created my own website in which the children could research different forms of water.  I added this QR code to the teacher resource packet.  I kept my text and information at a level that I knew they could understand.  Plus I added the much loved photo portion to each website page.  Then I also added the used of books as a resource in addition to the websites.  

Then on Monday, I added these two changes.  Things went much more smoothly.  I revised the lesson to include both of these changes.

  Technology--Finding Appropriate Resources
  Adjustments to Practice: Technology--Finding Appropriate Resources
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Where is Water Found on Earth?

Unit 6: Water and Landforms
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT collaborate as a team to locate forms of water on Earth.

Big Idea: Water on Earth comes in many different forms. We can use QR codes to help us research and learn about them.

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