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The ticket out the door is a quick and dirty evaluation tool. It is also an engagement tool if you use it regularly. When you announce that there will be a ticket out the door, even reluctant students focus more, because they know they will be responsible for showing evidence of their learning. However, the ticket is not evidence that they will remember what they learned or that they will apply it to other areas.

In the case of this lesson, it gave me an idea of which students I will need to call in a small group for reteaching. However, my long term goal (and the origin of the lesson) is to have them monitor their personal narratives for correct use of past tense and correct spelling of regular verbs in the past tense. I need to make sure I bring this up whenever we do personal narratives.

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It's All In The Past.

Unit 3: Language and Foundational skills
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT say a sentence in the past tense, using regular verbs.

Big Idea: First graders live in the present, and often don't change the verb tense when writing personal narratives or when retelling stories.

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