Reflection: Videotaping Building Structures and Interior Temperatures - Section 4: Wrap Up


This was a very good lesson in terms of applying a real world scenario to a classroom lesson. Students were able to take notes on how the building structure of our school effects the temperature. There are some places in the school building that are known to be colder; however the students never took the time to understand why this was the case. Completing a walk through of the school allowed students to take notes of the windows and doors, etc. that effects the temperature. The students were amazed at times to discover the additional windows are skylights that they did not notice before. Going back and reflecting on the lesson, I would have loved to videotaped the students' reactions throughout the tour.

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Building Structures and Interior Temperatures

Unit 3: Relationships Between Lights and Fuels
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to examine how a building’s structure impacts the interior temperature.

Big Idea: Students will take a walk through the school building with the building service manager to determine how the building structure in each room effects the temperature.

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