Reflection: Pacing Quiz + Graphing Proportional Relationships - Section 2: Guided Practice


I’ve written reflections in the previous unit about simplifying quiz days and trying to do too much last year. An extension activity for students who finish the quiz early is a good idea, but a task as complex as graphing on a coordinate plane should only be given if student have already had an opportunity to review the skill in class.

On this note, I also want to add that I reworked my scope and reorganized the lessons I delivered for proportional relationships. I brought up graphing much too early last year and did not take an appropriate amount of time on ratio tables and bar models. This year I spent more time with on division of fractions and ratio tables to give students more time to practice with that strategy. Each time I solved or reviewed a problem, I went back to the ratio table. Once students were familiar with the meaning of the unit rate and could find it using ratio tables, we moved on to graphing where students would need to identify the unit rate as the coordinate (1, r).

Another big idea I made sure to continue to ask about was the calculation of two different unit rates within a relationship, and how each can be useful depending on the question. For example, if you purchase 2 pounds of apples for $6.40 and the question asks “how many pounds can you purchase with $10?”, the unit rate most useful is the one per dollar.



However, if the question asks, “how much will you spend on 1.5 pounds of apples, the unit rate per pound will be more useful.



All of these concepts and strategies must be tackled before discussing graphing and identifying proportional relationships in graphs.

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Quiz + Graphing Proportional Relationships

Unit 5: Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Lesson 5 of 21

Objective: Quiz + SWBAT graph points to show proportional relationships.

Big Idea: students work on a quiz and then graph points along the line of a proportional relationship

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