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This year I was able to have two smaller groups of instruction for this lesson. One half of the students were able to complete the original card activity independently lead by each other. The other half needed to see more examples of the use of ratio tables to solve word problems. I have attached the worksheet and drawn tables I used with this smaller group. The last page also includes blank ratio tables to use in other word problems. I find that some students, especially those with IEPs, benefit greatly from repetition. The four examples included in that document are meant to show them how the use of ratio tables can help them find missing information.

Knowing where to begin is usually a common problem for students. What is the first step? We have to show our students what it means to understand what is happening in the problem rather than immediately focusing on the process. Thus, the first step is to

  1. think, "which two units are being compared? is it miles per hour? dollars per hour? something else?". 
  2. After identifying these units, students must write them into the table and 
  3. identity the information given in the problem and the information needed to solve the problem.
  4. identify the operations needed between each step


Whenever students ask for a procedure throughout this rates and ratios unit, these are the steps I ask them to follow. 

  Intervention and Extension: Additional Practice
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Ratio Tables

Unit 5: Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Lesson 4 of 21

Objective: SWBAT use ratio tables to determine whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship.

Big Idea: students work in pairs to determine whether two ratios are proportional using ratio tables

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