Reflection: Intervention and Extension Layers of the Atmosphere - Section 4: Mini-Lesson


In working with students who have missed class or students who, for whatever reason, might need a bit of extra time on task with the material, I whole-heartedly recommend the series of podcasts/instructional videos put out by Hommocks Earth Science Department (Note: These videos are not mine - I just find them very useful for students). For example, in taking some extra class time to work with some absent students who had missed this initial lesson, I showed them the two videos from the Hommocks Earth Science channel, which are also embedded below:

I think these videos are wonderful, informative, and are very helpful in getting kids who might have missed class time back on track with the rest of the class. Usually, for review with specific students, I'll show these videos (there are a lot of them) and then have students try some practice with a review book to cover the necessary material and catch them up! 

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Layers of the Atmosphere

Unit 5: Meteorology
Lesson 5 of 17

Objective: SWBAT label the layers of the atmosphere and determine how temperature, pressure, and humidity change as a function of altitude (ESRT)

Big Idea: The layers of the atmosphere all have distinct properties and characteristics that allow their separation into distinguishable layers in Earth's atmosphere

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