Reflection: Rigor Introduction to Gases in our Atmosphere and the Kinetic Molecular Theory - Section 2: Introduction to the Unit


One of my goals as a teacher is to make sure to include reading within my curriculum, particularly through the use of articles.   I try to choose articles that are related to what we are learning in the class, are interesting to students, and are at an appropriate reading level for my diverse students.

The reading that I chose for this lesson was taken from vision learning which has some great online resources for teaching.  The reading was at an appropriate level for students, served as a good introduction to the unit, and was a good length; however, it was not that interesting.  It was short enough that students stayed engaged while reading, but it would be nice to find a better article for next year.

  Reading in Chemistry
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Introduction to Gases in our Atmosphere and the Kinetic Molecular Theory

Unit 6: Unit 7: Earth's Atmosphere
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Objective: Student will be able to explain the importance of gases in our atmosphere, how gases behave according to the kinetic molecular theory, and how gases are measured in terms of temperature and pressure. They will demonstrate their understanding through performing a reading, doing activities, taking notes, and performing practice questions.

Big Idea: Gases make up our atmosphere and scientists characterize gas behavior using the Kinetic Molecular Theory.

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Science, diffusion, pressure (Gas Properties), climate, atmosphere (Science), Chemistry, kinetic molecular theory, Gases, radiation, Gas Laws, boyle's law, Charles' Law
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