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Because I know what I want my anchor chart to look like and what elements of learning I want to include, I sketch out ahead of time with light pencil marks on the chart.  This ensures I won't forget any of the information I want to include in work with the children.  

To find just the right dynamic for my anchor chart, I went to Pinterest and did a search for 'erosion and weathering anchor charts.' I found many that popped up.  I borrowed ideas from other creative teachers and combined many of the ideas into my own.  

  Lesson Planning: Preparing the Anchor Chart
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Coastal Erosion

Unit 6: Unit 6 - The Waters of the World
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe the process of erosion on the beach.

Big Idea: Discovering the differences between erosion, weathering and deposition is exciting in this lesson. It graphically and visually demonstrates how beaches can erode and change.

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beach erosion
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