Reflection: Checks for Understanding The "In" Group - Section 3: Independent Reading of "The 'In' Group"


This student sample of The In Group annotated is representative of the average student in my class. I have advanced students who are formulating more sophisticated responses to the text. This particular student's paper initially concerned me in that the highlighting seemed excessive. This usually suggests an inability to discern significant information. However, a closer look suggested otherwise. When I look at it, I find it difficult to suggest which exact parts this student could have done without highlighting. More importantly, all the parts she highlighted do amount to a thorough picture of Eve Shalen's argument. This student's written comments are still limited, but her work on this text suggests a good level of comprehension. 

  Checks for Understanding: Annotating is Getting Better, But Still Needs Work
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The "In" Group

Unit 6: Exploring Identity
Lesson 8 of 14

Objective: SWBAT determine the central ideas and supporting details in a new text by engaging in the close reading of a speech and discussing in small groups.

Big Idea: Repeated opportunities to engage with a text helps deal with challenging notions of "In" Groups.

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English / Language Arts, research (Writing Process), small group discussion, Annotating, questioning, identity, annotate
  56 minutes
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