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The devices students produced ranged from the classic-- two funnels on the end of plastic tubing, to some much more interesting choices.

Here, some friends chose to turn the funnels what I'll call "backwards."  When they shared about what materials they chose and why, their reasoning was that the funnel could fit further into your ear canal in this position.  

Some friends also justified the plastic tubing as a choice because it is more durable and is able to stretch, which makes it better to solve the problem of communicating across bus seats.

Two groups put paper towel or toilet paper tubes around the plastic tubing.  One said they chose this for decoration.  The other said this choice was because the tubes both protect the plastic tubing, and will still allow sound to bounce off if there is a hole in the plastic tubing.

Overall, I was surprised by the depth of some of their decisions!

  Student Self-Assessment: Student Feedback about Devices
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Sound Devices ~ Building and Testing

Unit 4: Light and Sound
Lesson 7 of 18

Objective: SWBAT construct and test a tool to transmit sound.

Big Idea: Looking for sound advice? Help your students build devices that communicate sound over a distance!

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