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For this Tree Unit, the inspiration for my lessons has come from a variety of resources.  For this lesson on Bark, the impetus came from my husband.  I’ve mentioned in previous lessons that he’s a horticulturist.  While trees are only one of his venues, he’s feels passionately about them.  When he heard of this planned unit, he made some immediate suggestions.  One in particular really brought out his feelings- Bark.  As simple as it sounds, he made me understand that not only students- but everyone- need to understand the importance of respecting the bark of a tree.  As mentioned in the instruction, it’s literally transports the lifeblood of the tree and deserves to be respected.  Branches can be trimmed back to almost nothing, roots can be cut, and leaves can be removed.  Harm the bark though, and the tree will die.  The bark rubbing activity was designed to connect the students to this crucial part of the tree.  The more we learn about pieces of a tree that can fade into the background, the better we can make sure that the balance of our natural world will survive..and thrive.

  A Surprise Inspiration
  Lesson Planning: A Surprise Inspiration
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Tree-Riffic- Bark up the Right Tree!

Unit 9: Tree-riffic!
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: Students will create rubbings of tree bark to differentiate tree varieties.

Big Idea: What makes bark important to a tree?

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Science, XC4, XC6, K.MD.2, tree
  30 minutes
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