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A few months ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner at the home of a founder of a major tech companies here in San Jose, CA (to respect his privacy, I won’t tell you which one but you used his product in the course of this lesson!  And I’m not that connected.  My husband just helps take care of his estate.).  I took the opportunity to have an interesting chat with him.  My school has a new focus in STEM and Project Based Learning.  I asked him what professional skills weren’t being addressed in schools these days, what things were employees missing that used to be present?  His answer wasn’t at all what I expected..”Curiosity”, he said.  He shared that it was increasing rare for employees to be curious, wonder if something was possible or why it happens that way.  These wonders lead to innovations and teach perseverance, both ‘Why?’ and ‘Why Not?”.  So when I wondered about the development of trees, I looked up an organization of experts..and found one that was excited to share what he had learned with others.  Consequently, when I went to design this lesson, I reflected on the content both experts shared to build in both that kind of curiosity ('How old is a tree?') and the important step of discourse ('Tell me why you think that way?').  Who knows, maybe this example will lead all of us to share what we learned with others, spiraling knowledge up in the best of ways.        

  Curiosity Feeds Us!
  Discourse and Questioning: Curiosity Feeds Us!
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Tree-riffic!-How Old Are You??

Unit 9: Tree-riffic!
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: Students will conduct an investigation to measure the age of a tree.

Big Idea: How do we know how old trees are?

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