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Whether in a discussion or in written work, working in groups, or individually, having students relate their own perceptions and experiences to a topic is a great way to engage and motivate them. The nature of the activity in this lesson actually held the student's attention throughout. The reason for this I think is because for the students, there was something worth knowing in the content, and not just that the lesson content is interesting or challenging. Students in class were questioning whether their time on the cell phones listening to music, or sleeping, really had an effect on grades, or on weight, etc. They also were questioning other data learned from other sources.

I noted that some students may not clearly understand that correlation is not causation, despite having repeatedly discussed this in class. I realized this when overhearing students comment on this data, and on other correlations that they've heard in the media.

I'd listen carefully to the conversations and comments students make in and after class, and address this difference again if necessary. The homework assignment assesses this idea. 

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You may be right....but you may be wrong

Unit 11: Bivariate Data
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT determine possible association from bivariate data in self constructed scatter plots.

Big Idea: There may be no correlation between apparently unrelated data.....but there might be.

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Math, Statistics, relative frequency, bivariate data, correlation, two-way tables
  55 minutes
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