Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Creating a Landform YAKiT - Section 4: Creating the YAKiT!


My students knew they only had 15 seconds, so they thought that they had to talk as fast as they could.  I had to redirect them several times to speak clearly, with fluency but not too fast.  Another obstacle that we had was the young children's naturally high voices.  They thought my YAKIT was so cool since its voice was high and squeaky that many tried to emulate it.  But they found that when the app changed their voice to a high pitch, then it was really hard for anyone to understand.  

So here's what I would suggest:

1.  Don't tell the children they have only 15 seconds.  It seemed to freak them out and made them talk way too fast.  Next time I will tell them they will have time to read what they have, but need to speak fluently.

2.  Make children aware that their voices are high, so they probably shouldn't choose the "high pitch" option.  They can listen to it to preview so they can tell right away if it is discernable or not.  Just stress that it is their responsibility to teach the class, so the information must be clear.  If it is not, they need to choose a different voice option.

  Speaking Clearly
  Adjustments to Practice: Speaking Clearly
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Creating a Landform YAKiT

Unit 6: Water and Landforms
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create a short presentation about an assigned landform.

Big Idea: We can take information we have learned and create a short, creative and entertaining presentation. Using technology such as a YAKiT can add an element of FUN!

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