Reflection: Class meeting about lines - Section 3: Guided Practice and Conclusion


After the thumbs up/down question as the end, I address the students who are not participating or do not agree with the majority. Usually those students missed something and a quick answering of a question will get them to agree with the rest of the class. Sometimes their issue has been address but they still disagree. If this is the case, I simply ask them if they can compromise and agree with the class. If they can’t, but I feel it is not an appropriate disagreement, I either table the discussion and open it back up for the class to discuss, or I speak with the student individually at another time. Rarely, a student will present an idea that hadn’t been discussed but is worth talking about it. If this is the case, I will present it to the class and talk about it or if I don’t have time, I might ask students to respond to the idea in writing and address it later. 

  How does it end?
  How does it end?
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Class meeting about lines

Unit 15: Creating the Classroom
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBT present ideas for and against a topic using reasons to support their position.

Big Idea: Often an issue will come up that needs to be addressed as a class. Learning how to present person opinions so that it supports a group discussion helps to create an effective class meeting.

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