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As I started this lesson it became very apparent that the idea of refraction was not going to come easily. Maybe I prejudged the situation? Maybe I just didn't know that fourth graders couldn't grasp how the light bends because their exposure to it has been more minimal than I realized. As a teacher of science, and a teacher of NGSS, this was my cue to respond! I thought I would simply explain refraction and that when light passes through certain mediums, the light is bent. Simple enough, done! But no. That wouldn't be right. Where is the inquiry and rigor in that approach? How would they remember if they didn't have a chance to discover? And so, a new lesson was born, instantaneously. 

Understanding content deeply is by far the most important thing. But, more importantly, understanding my students for who they are as learners far surpasses. 

  Switching Gears to Meet Student Needs
  Flexibility: Switching Gears to Meet Student Needs
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Refraction Extravaganza!

Unit 5: Energy
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: Students learn how light waves bend differently in different mediums.

Big Idea: Students discover the phenomena of how light bends and creates optical illusions by using two different liquids.

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Science, Light, refraction (Light), Sound, light wave, circuit, inquiry, reflection, light energy, eye, kaleidoscope
  55 minutes
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