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This year, I modified the lesson by having groups be able to touch and take materials.  My idea was that by actually manipulating the pieces, they would start figuring out how the materials work together.  However, adding in the materials definitely required additional time.  Unfortunately, Day 1 ended in a rush, and I needed to split this lesson into 2 days.  

On day 1, we went through the complete warm-up, modeling, and about half of the planning process.  There was also a bit of added chaos as students grabbed materials from one another.  I ended up having to make all-calls (like the chant "everybody listen" with students singing back "right now") several times to ask them to either lower the volume or add additional instructions about how to handle getting materials politely.  

To warm-up on day 2, we connect to the prior lesson.

On day 2 of this lesson, we began with reflection about what worked well and what did not work so well.  This conversation was held in a Science Circle, where we (including the teacher) are sitting on the perimeter of the rug and looking right at one another in a discussion.

I was actually thrilled when students shared what went well!  It turns out that some of what I perceived as off-task behaviors was actually groups owning the project!  One group decided on their own to each draw a plan and then discuss the best idea.  Another group talked about how well they worked together because they first decided on who would have which jobs.  When I saw talking without drawing, and students pulling paper from the writing center, I thought they were off-task or playing around more than working.  This check-in showed me how on-track (although loud and moving all about the classroom) my engineers actually were!

Next, we discussed as a class what did not go so well.  Students in these types of reflective conversations often say, "I couldn't hear my partner well."  This is a great time for the teacher to say, "Who has an idea about how we can solve this problem as a class?"  In other words, as students present problems, have the students think of solutions too!  

Then, I projected student work on the whiteboard and we evaluated the work.  "What did ___ do well in their plan?  How could they improve their plan?  Is their plan clear?"  These conversations and peer suggestions give groups a focus on what to improve as they move back into their groups.

Finally, groups improved their plans.  While they worked, I separated all of our materials on the carpet and labeled bags with student names.  After turning in their plans, we separated the materials so that we will be ready to build in the following lesson!

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Sound Devices ~ Planning

Unit 4: Light and Sound
Lesson 6 of 18

Objective: SWBAT plan a tool to transmit sound.

Big Idea: Looking for sound advice? Help your students build devices that communicate sound over a distance!

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