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In my teaching, I have found that fourth graders often have limited experience with the skill of note-taking. I teach students a step-by-step process for this skill. I provide each student with a highlighter and explain to them the importance of highlighting sparingly. (My fourth graders often want to highlight every word and this is not helpful!) I begin by sharing with students that they should only highlight main ideas and key details from the text. I model this process as we read the first research article. I ask students to put their highlighters down as I read the first paragraph of the article. I then ask students to identify any key ideas from that paragraph. Once the group reaches a consensus on key ideas, I ask students to highlight only those chosen phrases. I repeat this process throughout the first article and gradually release the responsibility to the students over time.

  Journaling: Note-Taking
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Salmon and Dams

Unit 9: Dams and Hydroelectricity
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT read research about the effects of dams on salmon and identify key details.

Big Idea: Scientific research tells us that dams negatively affect salmon.

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Science, design process, engineering, literacy in science
  60 minutes
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